“American DREAMers” tells the story behind the Campaign for an American DREAM (CAD), a group of six undocumented youth and an ally who risk their freedom when they publicly come out as undocumented and walk 3,000 miles to the nation's capital to organize for immigrant rights. These are college students, young professionals, activists, and community leaders. Follow their journey as they come out of the shadows, share their stories, empower communities, and put everything on the line to fight in what they believe is their civil rights movement. They are undocumented and unafraid. And some are UndocuQueer, too.


Undocumented, Unafraid, Activists, Leaders

Veronica Gomez

Veronica Gomez (Vero) was brought over to the United States three days before her fourth birthday. She earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice with an option in Law Enforcement and Administration from California State University East Bay, but at her college graduation Vero held back tears because she knew due to her immigration status, she would not be able to obtain a job in her field of study. During the walk, Vero risked arrest and deportation by staging a sit-in and hunger-strike in an Obama for America office in Denver, CO, demanding President Obama to stop the deportation of undocumented youth.

Jonatan Martinez

Jonatan Martinez grew up in the state of Georgia. When he turned 17, he sat down with a Coast Guard recruiter because he had his heart set on becoming a Search and Rescue Diver, but he was turned away because he isn’t a citizen of the country he calls home. He attended a four-year college in Georgia and worked hard to pay for his tuition, but during his senior year, he was picked up by campus police and was placed in the Stewart Detention Center. Jonatan was held in detention for four weeks. Post his release, Jonatan was determined to make a difference and decided to join the walk and organize for immigrant rights.

Raymi Gutierrez

Raymi Gutierrez is an ally and the first of nine children to be born in the United States. She received an Associate’s Degree in Sociology from Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sociology at the University of Utah. In 2008, the day after Christmas, her father summoned the family to tell them that they had received 8 deportation letters. Half of Raymi’s family faced deportation. She decided to do the walk for her entire family, but specifically for her siblings, to keep their dreams alive.

Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernandez is an undocumented queer community organizer from California who spent some time in Colorado and met the walkers there. He explains that he had been out of the shadows since 2007, but when he relocated to Colorado he almost felt the urge to digress and hide his undocumented and queer identity once again. Instead, he decided to continue his community work and was part of the sit-in in the Obama for America Office in Denver. Javier co-founded Colorado: Organize, Resist, Escalate (COORE) and is part of Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition.

Jose Sandoval

Jose Sandoval is a Junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular Toxicology and Pre-business with a minor in Theater. He explains his mom’s fears of facing deportation stopped him from traveling to other states in America. He couldn’t attend any national or statewide sports or debate competitions. But after meeting CAD in one of their stops in Berkeley he decided to step out of the shadows and join the walk. He told his mother only after he had already started traveling with CAD during one of his school breaks. He explains he told her that he had to stand up and fight because the person who could make a difference could be him.

Nico Gonzalez

Nico Gonzalez was led to Chicago, Illinois by the hand of his mother when he was five years old. He explains his mother is now “buried in the land of the free” where she is considered a criminal.” After working more than a decade in a fume-filled plastic factory, she battled lung cancer for five years and passed away recently. Since then, Nico has decided to “come out of the shadows”. He has served as the master of ceremony for the National Dream Graduation in Washington D.C., and has participated in a number of acts of civil disobedience including a sit-in of Senator Harry Reid’s office where DREAMers demanded Senator Reid to put the DREAM Act up for a vote.

Alex Aldana

Alex Aldana is a queer undocumented immigrant rights activist who has recently returned to Mexico by his own volition. Inspired by the DREAM 9 and the DREAM 30, Alex is organizing youth in Mexico and other Latin American countries who have previously been deported and hopes to bring them back to the U.S. Alex has worked extensively as a community organizer and health advocate for Latino LGBTQ youth. He has worked on HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and treatment with social justice, advocacy and empowerment to immigrant communities impacted by health disparities in Southern California. He decided to join the walk to raise awareness and expose the diversity that exists in immigrant communities.


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